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An affordable mold removal service that simultaneously achieves higher efficacy, higher levels of safety and delivers results in hours instead of days.  It's rare that you are able to get the very best solution on the market at the lowest price.  Our patented dry fog mold removal system is so revolutionary that you just may be able to beat every other option available, on every measure that is important.

If you can visibly see mold growth, whether it is black mold, white mold or green mold, then the safe thing to do is to get rid of it.  There is a false belief that some molds are benign and don't cause harm.  This is a misnomer, as every type of known mold has shown to cause health issues from an allergic reaction to death for some who are already immunocompromised.

Mold Remediation begins with a free mold inspection, and if you feel necessary a $199 air quality test.  Air quality tests are unnecessary more often than not.  However, some clients want to have a benchmark that shows exactly the spore count in their air before dry fogging, so that they can compare how much their air quality has improved when we do our post air quality test; which we include at no extra charge.

Kill all known viruses and bacteria in addition to mold.  This includes the easier to kill coronavirus.

Each home is dry-fogged twice.  The first dry fogging is with our EPA approved sterilant which fills up every space in your home or business, including the insides of your HVAC, your attic insulation, sheetrock, carpet, and every other nook and cranny that is impossible for other remediation methods to reach.  Once we have annihilated all the bacteria, viruses and molds, we then dry fog your a home a second time with a disinfectant, which is also EPA certified to deliver 90 days of antimicrobial protection.  All of this can be achieved in 4 to 8 hours for the typical home. We have also dry fogged hotels, prisons, army bases, private jets, hangars, schools, government buildings and every type of business you can think of.

Our solution is green and safe. FDA approved even for water filtration systems and food prep-surfaces, you are guaranteed one of the safest solutions on the market. As soon as we complete the job you, love ones, your employees, customers, and/or pets are able to safely reenter.

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Every one of Pure Maintenance' more than 15,000 customers nationwide has received our 100% satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are experiencing allergies, exacerbated asthma, or any other ailment such as a chronic sinus infection or other mold-related illness, we guarantee purer air and a purer environment.  For viruses and pathogenic bacteria we also promise to significantly reduce the spread of illness. If you aren't satisfied, we promise to dry fog your place again.

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