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Black Mold & Other Dangerous Molds

The first step is to test and identify the type of mold(s) in your home.

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Varieties of Mold

There are many types of molds that can take root in your business or home. While some can be more harmful than others, every type can have a negative impact on your health. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends removing any mold you find. It’s not always obvious when you have mold growing as it can quickly and unnoticeably grow in basements, in ventilation ductwork, on or behind walls and in attics. The rule of thumb is if there’s anywhere that is or was consistently damp or humid, or you have had a water leak in your home, you likely have mold growth that should be addressed.

Mold Types: Allergenics, Pathogenics and Toxigenics

allergenic mold Nebraska


Molds that cause and produce allergies and allergic reactions such as asthma attacks.

Pathogenic Mold; Pure Maintenance Nebraska


Molds that worsen the health issues of those suffering from an acute illness.

Toxigenic molds; Pure Maintenance Nebraska


Molds that produce toxins called mycotoxins can lead to dangerous or even deadly conditions. This is sometimes referred to as “toxic mold.”

Testing for Black Mold

If you have no visible mold but still suspect its presence we recommend either hiring a professional or purchasing a DIY test kit. You can learn more about our testing services at Air Quality Testing. Regarding DIY test kits, while there are several types available at most big box stores we recommend the Mold Detective. Once you determine the mold levels and types in your home or business we will then help determine the best treatment plan for you.

Mold Removal

We’ve outlined the most common methods of mold removal and how they compare to each other. Take the time to educate yourself on how these different methods can help, or hurt, your efforts to create a healthy indoor environment. Mold spores are easy to disturb and can easily get into ventilation systems causing them quickly spread throughout your home. For questions or to schedule a consultation, please contact us to schedule a free inspection and estimate.