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For Lincoln, NE business owners and homeowners. We Won't be beaten on cost.  And we won't be beaten on speed, safety, and efficacy.

We believe our patented, innovative tech has no rival.  This is because our dry fog can do the heavy lifting, which in the past was done with crowbars and days worth of mess and labor.  Now for the first time, it's possible for you to cut your costs in half, complete the remediation in half the time, with half the inconvenience, and do it with 10X to 1000X the efficacy.  We are confident of this because one of the hallmarks of effective mold remediation and removal of viruses and pathogenic bacteria is the amount of surface area that is treated. Our dry fog particles are microns in size allowing them to infiltrate individual fibers of attic insulation for roof leaks, and the individual fibers of carpets, the microscopic porous substrates of drapes, furniture, and sheetrock, seeking out and penetrating into every area that a mold spore or pathogen might lurk.  Another hallmark of efficacy is dwell time.  We not only far exceed the required dwell time of minutes, but we dry fog your home twice.

The first mold removal step is to dry fog your home with a hospital-grade sterilant, which is designed to kill and denature mold, viruses, and bacteria.  Once we have sterilized your home, we then dry fog it again with a disinfectant, that has an EPA-approved claim to provide ongoing antimicrobial protection for 90 days.  This ongoing protection is vital to protect against coronavirus.

Our dry fog has treated motels, hotels, restaurants, clinics, private jets, prisons, and thousands of homes. We can dry fog any location in Lincoln, Nebraska, suspected to have mold.

For some, their favorite part is that our mold remediation is so safe that it is even FDA approved for water filtration systems and food-prep surfaces. We guarantee that you, family and loved ones at your home will find no safer solution for the level of efficacy.  And if you are using this to cleanse your business, we guarantee the same for your employees and customers that visit your clinic, gym, daycare, restaurant, hotel and every other type of business that is interested in the health of its occupants and visitors.  Once done, your location can be safely reoccupied in just one to two hours.

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More than 15,000 ultra-satisfied customers nationwide can't be wrong. Customers have seen sinus infections go away, experienced improvements with their asthma, and eliminated formerly debilitating allergies. If you aren't satisfied with our service, we will dry fog again.

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