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Dry Fog System

For the first time in Nebraska and Western Iowa, you can treat far more surface area, and dramatically reduce down-time, cost and damage to your home or business with our revolutionary dry fog system.

We do Residential, Commercial and Government

The Future of Mold Remediation in Nebraska

Dry Fog Kill Mold Diagram Showing No liquid build up or residue; Pure Maintenance Nebraska

Pure Maintenance Dry Fog

Smaller droplets rebound from surfaces creating a vapor. The vapor, and fumes, create an inescapable environment for mold and pathogens.

Wet Fog & Ozone Diagram Showing Surfaces Get Wet and Damaged; Pure Maintenance Nebraska

Wet Fog / Ozone Technology

The larger droplets burst and create wet surfaces, like rain. The larger particle size also creates gaps in molecular coverage and leaves a residue.

Why Demolition-Free Mold Removal?

More Effective

UV light only kills where the light shines. Sprays can only kill what the liquid contacts, and physical removal only addresses what is removed.  We however fill the entire volume of your building with an FDA approved non-toxic solution made of particles smaller than a mold spore. Also EPA approved, our sterilant will seek out and destroy all mold and pathogens.  When done, we guarantee the air in your home will be as safe and healthy as the air outside your door.

More Affordable

There is far less labor, and far less material cost with our two-step dry fog system.  For some of our large customers, we have saved  hundreds of thousands of dollars. For homeowners, our prices are usually less than half of that of our competitors.  And we back our service with a 100% guarantee. If the post-air quality test comes back with a higher than acceptable mold count, we will dry fog your location again.

Less Downtime

We complete an average home in 6 hours. The national average is 5 days just for the remediation. Then you have phase 2 where you have to rebuild what was demolished and torn out. Which means more downtime. With these old remediation methods you may even have to wait weeks before your air quality is at a reasonable level. We understand that demolition can't always be avoided. But we can certainly reduce it.  For your home and business, this is a game changer.

Less Inconvenient

We don't quarantine off a portion of your home and send workers in and out for days.  We pull up to your house once, run a couple hoses and fogger machines into your home, and 5 to 8 hours later you, family members and pets can re-enter your home free of harmful mold and harmful pathogens.  Save yourself the headache and hassle with a service that is "backed" by more than 15,000 satisfied customers.

Patented Dry Fog Mold & Pathogen Kill Machine; Pure Maintenance Nebraska

What Sets Us Apart

Our Two-Step Dry Fog technology is what sets Pure Maintenance apart from the competition. EPA approved as non-toxic, and FDA approved for food-prep surfaces. Open your kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers and everything that may be infected to allow our first step, InstaPURE, to sanitize it all. Before finishing we dust all surfaces with EverPURE which leaves an antimicrobial layer protecting your home against harmful molds and pathogens for months to come.


Perspective:  For hospitals, the EPA requires a sterilant to dwell on a surface for 5 to 10 minutes in order to achieve 99.9999% kill. Our sterilant has a similar dwell-time requirement, but our process delivers more than 30 minutes of dwell time. Wherever there is free airflow, our process will denature and disarm every mold spore and harmful pathogen in its path allowing you to breathe pure air in your home.

First Step: InstaPURE

The first step in Pure Maintenance’s two-step process is a fog called, InstaPURE. InstaPURE is a powerful disinfectant made up of particles smaller than a mold spore, that finds mold spores throughout your home and destroys them. By turning the mold spore into inert matter, your family can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing that the mold in your home is gone. InstaPURE is such a strong disinfectant, it will disinfect all hard and soft surfaces and fabrics. InstaPURE is used in hospitals, daycare centers, gyms, motels, apartment complexes and cars.

Secod Step: EverPURE

EverPURE is the second application in the Pure Maintenance mold mitigation system. We added this step to provide ongoing protection.  Long after we leave when new mold spores, bacteria and viruses enter the premises and land on a surface, EverPURE will destroy the cells on contact! EverPURE provides an EPA verified 90 days of protection once it is applied. This anti-microbial layer leaves no visible or sticky residue and has been studied by the army corp of engineers, which has seen air quality improve weeks after we leave.

*Both InstaPURE and EverPURE are EPA approved in all 50 States.

Pure Maintenance Mold Kill Dry Foggers fogging a room; Pure Maintenance Nebraska
us army corp of engineer research ad development center logo; pure maintenance nebraska

US Army Cop of Engineers Test

Learn how our system stood up to the rigorous tests done by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

Goals of Test (page 2)

  1. Demonstrate the dry-fog process via the 2nd generation application system in two buildings at Fort Campbell, KY.
  2. Determine the efficacy and performance (via sampling and analysis) of the dry-fog process.
  3. Verify initial remediation impact(s) and non-reoccurrence of mold/mildew over a test period of 6 months (via sampling and analysis).

Types of Molds Tested (page 9)

The mold types below are associated with more serious health problems, and are often the best indicator of indoor mold issues.

  • Stachybotrys, known as “black mold,” is considered the most dangerous mold type and is typically found in low numbers, if at all in outdoor samples. This mold has been linked with infant death.
  • Chaetomium, a marker mold that is not commonly found at significant levels indoors and is associated with health problems including fibromyalgia, MS, Lyme disease, and others.

Ability to Treat Areas Liquids Can't (page 14)

Our dry fog particles are much smaller than mold spores. This allows us to treat areas that are inaccessible to liquid treatments, and to treat every surface where a mold spore can go.

Summary of Treatment (page 20)

In this study, the indoor mold count dropped from 64,126 spores/m3 before treatment to 3,067 spores/m3 at 6 months after treatment. (building 6733 dropped from 556,057 spores/m3 before treatment to 3,044 spores/m3 at 6 months after treatment.

Results of the Army's Study on Pure Maintenance Spore Count Before and After Treatment