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We guarantee to sterilize more surface area with our hospital-grade sterilant for less cost, with less inconvenience and in less time, than any other mold remediation solution you can find in Council Bluffs. And if you are experiencing a mold-related sinus infection, an allergic reaction or worse mold-related symptoms, we guarantee these will go away, or we will return and dry fog your location again.

You can be ultra-confident when choosing Pure Maintenance Nebraska because we guarantee results for your home or business in Council Bluffs.

Our mold removal solution is not only lethal for every type of mold, but for every type of bacteria and virus as well.  But it is safe for pets and humans.  EPA certified as non-toxic and even FDA certified as safe for water filtration systems and food-prep surfaces.  You can open your kitchen drawers and cabinets so that silverware and plate ware receive the same benefit that every other belonging and surface will receive in your home.

The patented, innovative tech we use, has no rival.

The first step in our process is total home sterilization.  Using our dry foggers we dispense a sterilant throughout the entire volume of your home. Using a fog allows us to treat 10X to 1000X the surface are of traditional mold remediation services. We will be treating individual insulation and carpet fibers, every nook and cranny of your HVAC system and other difficult to reach areas of your home. This approach may mean no demolition, no new carpet, no days worth of laborers creating a mess and inconvenience. This is because our dry fog can do the heavy lifting, which in the past was done with crowbars and days worth of mess and labor.  And if given your specific situation we aren't able to eliminate all of these, we will at least reduce the time, cost, inconvenience, and mess associated with demolition.

We have improved air quality by getting rid of mold and coronavirus in prisons, military housing, and bases, thousands of homes, hotels, schools, government buildings, gyms, daycares, community centers, airplanes and more. In every case we delivered results, and each location was quickly available for safe reoccupation in just one to hours.

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There is no cost to have a mold expert come to your house to perform a mold inspection and any mold testing.  Estimates are free, and our air quality test is just $199.  In most cases, this test is not necessary, except in situations where the owner wants before and after data to compare the results of an air quality test conducted beforehand vs. the air quality test that we will conduct at no additional charge at the end of the service.

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